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Ghanaian Musicians’ Failure to Fill the O2 Is Due to Promotion – Dj Vyrusky

Ghanaian Musicians' Failure to Fill the O2 Is Due to Promotion - Dj Vyrusky

A few of the reasons why Ghanaian singers haven’t been able to fill the O2 Arena in the United Kingdom (UK) have been highlighted by award-winning DJ and record producer DJ Vyrusky, who was born in Ghana.

He acknowledged that one big obstacle to Ghanaian musicians’ success on the global arena is that the bulk of them do not collaborate with international musicians to promote themselves to a global audience.
According to Vyrusky, poor marketing by Ghanaian artists is another issue that music promoters need to deal with if they wish to help artists sell out their foreign gigs.

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Vyrusky explained how Nigerian musicians can perform at the O2 stadium to sold-out crowds but Ghanaian singers find it difficult to reach comparable achievements.

“Promotion, in my opinion, is to blame for Ghanaian musicians’ failure to draw a crowd to the O2 arena. You want to have a sold-out performance, but Ghana is off-limits. If you want to advance your artistic career and host a concert that is well-attended in the UK, you must go there, he continued.


“Whenever I travel, I talk to outside promoters like Smith and the others. As you can see from what Nigerians are doing today, Wizkid initially sold out the O2 [arena] by teaming up with a UK musician. For instance, Asake sold O2 and departed from Nigeria.

Source: Billyvibes

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