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My Goal Is Always To Surpass My Previous Self – King Promise

My Goal Is Always To Surpass My Previous Self – King Promise

King Promise made it plain during a JoyPrime interview that he is only concerned with his music career and is not involved in any rivalries in the entertainment industry.

He reaffirmed his commitment to continue producing music of the highest caliber and ensuring the commercial success of every song he releases.

King Promise responded to the questions about the impact of his well-known song “Terminator” and whether it was in direct competition with other musicians.


He made it abundantly apparent that he doesn’t view himself as competing with other musicians, but rather, he is just interested in how he can keep improving.
He also expressed his gratitude to his fans and followers for continually supporting his music, which motivates him to produce more thrilling songs.

”I’ve never experienced something like that. When I originally started, I only ever created the music I loved in the studio. Nobody else is in my way; it’s just myself. I strive to give it everything I have. Far from complete. But anytime I make or release music, I constantly want to get better than I was before. Thus, the quality of my next song must be better than the previous one.”

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