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Where did Steve Harvey work before he was famous?

Where did Steve Harvey work before he was famous?

Steve Harvey was born Broderick Stephen Harvey in Welch, West Virginia, the son of coal miner Jesse Harvey and Eloise Vera. Broderick is named after actor Broderick Crawford from the television series Highway Patrol.

Harvey’s previous jobs include boxer, auto mechanic, insurance salesman, carpet cleaner, and letter carrier. He made his stand-up comedy debut on October 8, 1985, at Cleveland’s Hilarities Comedy Club. In the late 1980s, Harvey was homeless for three years.

Harvey was married three times and had seven children, four biological and three stepchildren. From his former marriage to Marcia Harvey, he has two daughters, Brandi and Karli, and one son, Broderick Harvey Jr. Harvey’s second marriage to Mary Shackelford produced another son, Wynton.

Where did Steve Harvey work before he was famous?

Before Steve Harvey became famous, he worked in a variety of jobs as he pursued his dreams and honed his comedic skills. Here are some of the jobs he had before achieving fame:

  1. Boxer: In his youth, Steve Harvey pursued a career in boxing. While he wasn’t successful as a professional boxer, he gained valuable life lessons and experiences from this pursuit.

  2. Autoworker: Harvey worked at a Ford automobile factory in Cleveland, Ohio. This was one of his early jobs before he transitioned into a career in entertainment.

  3. Mail Carrier: Harvey worked as a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service. He has mentioned in interviews that he often used humor and entertainment to connect with people while delivering mail.

  4. Stand-Up Comedy: Harvey’s interest in comedy led him to perform stand-up comedy at local clubs and talent shows. He started performing in small venues, gradually building his skills and reputation.

  5. Bartender: At one point, Harvey worked as a bartender. His ability to engage with people and make them laugh likely contributed to his success in comedy.

These early experiences helped shape Steve Harvey’s work ethic, resilience, and comedic talents. They also provided him with valuable life lessons that he would later incorporate into his comedy and motivational speaking career.


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