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How has Travis Barker made his money?

How has Travis Barker made his money?

Travis Barker’s mother gave him his first drum kit when he was four years old, and he kept it until he was fifteen.

After graduating from Fontana High School, Barker worked as a garbage collector in Laguna Beach before joining the Fontana-based punk rock band Snot and Feeble, where he met Chad Larson. In 1994, Larson co-founded the ska-punk band the Aquabats.


Larson’s relationship led to Barker being recruited by the band following local gigs and demo tapes. Barker was meant to fill in for a few days while “sleeping on a friend’s couch” and still working as a trash collector, but ended up joining the band.

How has Travis Barker made his money?

Travis Barker is a musician, businessman, investor, and author who has been hailed by the Rolling Stones as one of the finest drummers of all time. Barker has been on six of Blink-182’s albums. Since 1998, he has toured 17 times with the band.


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