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Eric Lewis Biography: Everything You Need To Know About Him

Eric Lewis Biography.

Eric Lewis, born May 20, 1971, is a retired American basketball referee who served for the National Basketball Association (NBA) for 19 seasons. Eric Lewis Biography: Everything You Need To Know About Him

Lewis began his career officiating at the high school level for six years, then eight years at the university level, two seasons in the United States Basketball League, and three years in the NBA G League, including the 2004 finals.

Eric Lewis Biography.

In 2005, he was hired as an NBA referee. He officiated 1,098 games in his career, including 82 playoff games and six NBA Finals.

On May 28, 2023, the NBA launched an investigation on Lewis for allegedly utilizing a burner account on Twitter to defend himself and other NBA referees.

Lewis announced his immediate retirement on August 30, 2023, prompting the NBA to cease its inquiry into his social media behavior.

Eric’s mother was a continual supporter and believer in her son’s skills. This close-knit family setting most likely influenced his siblings as well. Eric’s abilities were developed through education at a local school in the United States.

When Eric Lewis, an NBA referee, was charged with using a private Twitter account to protect himself and other officials, he experienced backlash. As a result, the NBA opened an investigation. Nonetheless, Lewis unexpectedly withdrew in August 2023, causing the NBA to close its investigation.

Eric Lewis Height & Weight

At the time of writing, Eric Lewis’s height and weight are unknown.

Eric Lewis Wife

Eric Lewis got married to Vanessa-Blair Lewis. he’s currently the head coach of the women’s basketball team at George Mason University.

Eric Lewis Parents

Nothing much is known about Eric Lewis’s Parents.

Eric Lewis Children

Whether the 52-year-old is the father of biological or adopted children is unknown to us.

Eric Lewis’s Net Worth

In light of his successful NBA career, Eric has a net worth of $6 million. He is well-known internationally, and his net worth is expected to increase by 40% over the next three years. Eric has won multiple awards for his work, demonstrating that success necessitates sacrifice and hard effort.


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